Waiting is a form of work, vol 2

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I'm sitting at the office and waiting for two things:

  1. Christmas, and
  2. The second free practice of the F1 Las Vegas GP to start.

The second is fairly obvious. The first practice session was cut short because of a safety issue caused by a rogue sewage cover that flew around splitting the bottoms of the race cars. (That's how I understood it, anyway.) The session will be delayed by at least two hours while they weld the covers down and check that the track is safe to drive. (I hope that's what they're doing, anyway.)

However, there's a big difference between this type of waiting the first type - waiting for Christmas. And I don't mean I look forward to Christmas, although I do that as well. I mean that I'm physically waiting for it to arrive.

Waiting has become a form of work again, like in the article that I wrote exactly one year ago to the date. (Coincidence? Or the curse of November 17th?)

Anyway, I just finished a novel manuscript (yay) and it seems that there's too little work left for the remaining two weeks. It's not true of course. I have plenty of work left. But I also know that if I wanted to, I could do all of it in one week. So my subconscious is stopping me from doing anything productive in order to get that high of having to bust my butt off just before the ultimate relaxation.

I talk about this phenomenon every year. I can't believe I haven't learned anything yet.

Or maybe now is the time to learn that I need deadlines within deadlines - so a deadline inception - to prioritize the stuff that needs to get done and then have the opportunity to take on more work if there's time left.