Summer wisdom #4

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Summer wisdom article series continues with part 4. Check out the previous installments - full of wisdom about life! - here, here, and here. Now, moving on to today's piece of mind!

Summer wisdom 4:

Complaining, whining, and victimizing yourself are the most detrimental things you can do to your psyche.

You might not think complaining is that big of a deal. After all, everyone does it. But do they, really? Do the top succesful people complain, whine, of victimize themselves? No. They know better.

You may have gotten used to complaining by the way your were raised. Perhaps complaining was a always present at the dinner table, and you integrated it to your own behavior as a social convention. And then you brought it to your own home after growing up, never really questioning its place in your life, while letting it bring you down mentally.

Stop complaining and start to solve the things you used to complain about. Let go of the negativity. Embrace all the good you suddenly see.