Sweets 1, RK 0

. 1 min read

I mentioned on Wednesday that I'd steer clear from sweets until I would no longer have cravings. I declared war on sweets and went on an egg fast. I had two more or less successfull egg fast days, and then today, I had two eggs and 400 grams of beef - and apparently all the protein in the beef triffered something in my head because the next thing I knew I was making keto brownies and eating the entire delicious batch. Even though I wasn't hungry.

So sweets won round one. Although I have to say at least it wasn't coconut flakes. And the brownies were almost zero-carb (1 egg, 1 egg white, a heaped tablespoon of tahini, a heaped tablespoon of cocoa powder, a heaped tablespoon of butter, and about a level tablespoon of xylitol). That changes nothing though! Even if I'm not feeling particularly sick, I'm bloating like crazy, and it's definitely neither normal nor desirable.

So fuck keto brownies as well! I'm recommitting! I'm patching up my soldiers and preparing for a surprise counter attack!

I don't know if the ground beef itself was the trigger or the fact that it was kind of dry and lower in fat than usual. But I might play it safe and not eat ground beef for a while. Instead, enter chicken wings, wild salmon and other seafood with butter, and eggs, eggs, and more eggs. With butter.

I can do this - and if you're struggling with the same things as I, so can you!