The Law of Reversed Effort

. 1 min read

It seems that the more I brainwash myself with new age and self help gurus who talk about doing what comes naturally and how you don't need to work harder to attain success, the more I've learned to not beat myself up over working less...

...all the while I've somehow managed to work more.

Maybe it's about stressing less, so you can do more. Or maybe it's the law of reversed effort. Whatever it is, it seems that I'm being more productive than ever in my life because I'm trying to take it easier.

Let it be easy, as Susie Moore says!

I know that I just published a book called Why Must Life Be So Hard. I know it was only last Friday when I talked about how to push yourself even further just before December to feel that euphoria of having all the year's work done. So why am I now talking about letting everything be easy?

It might be because I've only eaten eggs and broccoli for three days now and I'm beginning to daydream about burgers.

Or because I really am feeling adequately strained already.

Or because I have several on-going and completely draining projects that involve other people.

Or maybe it's the Pendulum.

Whatever it is, I'm suddenly leaning towards the ideology of letting things be easy and trusting that everything will work out exactly right without me stressing about it.

I'll surpass my 2021 work goal easily before the holidays, I'll have plenty of time to do Christmas preparations and procure gifts in December, and the draining projects will sort themselves out... if I just let them be easy.

The less effort I put into forcing everything to finish in time and exactly right, the earlier and the more exactly right they will finish.