What to do when all is ruined

. 1 min read

Maybe today is not your day.

Perhaps you knew right away after waking up this morning that something wasn't quite right - that life wouldn't be worth it today; that something was off. Maybe the feeling came later.

It's not quite the bad world syndrome. Or actually - it's exactly the bad world syndrome, but the proposed solution, grinding your butt off to distract yourself, doesn't sound like the solution today. You don't want to work, you don't like to work, the idea of work can't possibly be the solution right now.

All seems ruined, forever.

Quite suddenly, out of the blue.

...and just this observation holds the answer.

Because the feeling came out of nowhere, it's probably also going to disappear into nowhere. Quite suddenly. Into the blue. So perhaps... all you need to do is wait it out.

(Also, in my personal experience, these bad world days are heavily correlated with gut distress, so I always analyze if I've eaten something not suitable for my gut recently.)

So here's your to-do list:

  1. Distract yourself with work.
  2. Trust that it'll pass any minute, and just do whatever you have to to make it through to that minute.
  3. Eat something that will soothe your gut. (For me, eggs and fat always help.)

If it came suddenly, it will pass suddenly. Have faith. This, too, shall pass.