100 days until Christmas 2020

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I feel like I've done this a gazillion times. But this is only the third, ever. The first was 2018. The second was 2019. And now is now, 2020.


Times goes fast.

In 2018, I explained why and how you should make these 100 days count by putting out maximum effort to earn a delighful holiday time.

In 2019, I talked about how the finishfinishfinish mentality and getting hyped about Christmas stuff went hand in hand. And I mentioned I wasn't as excited about WIP anymore as I had been in 2018.

In 2020, I'm doing it all: a fantastic "100 days until Christmas" party, a profoundly enthusiastic attitude towards the fall and the approaching holidays, consideration about ending WIP, and a declaration of my fall 2020 project: I shall write the opus magnum of my writing career hitherto.

A bold statement, yes.

I'm scared shitless. On one level, I know I have to do this. On another level, I'm convinced I will mess up the whole thing. (Story of my life, said every artist ever.)

But guess what? Resistance ain't got nothing on me! Nothing can stop me from sitting down to do the work, Steven Pressfield style! Not even the voice in my head!

What's the worst thing that could happen if you ignored any and all negative voices, regardless of whose it is? Could you die? And if yes, what's so terrible about that?

Fuck resistance. Fuck negative people. If you want to do it, and continuously tell yourself you can and will do it, you can achieve anything.

All the best,