Rule 8: Immerse Yourself in Things that Speak to Your Soul

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Happy Wednesday and welcome back to my 10 Rules for Life article series. We've reached rule number 8, which is quite the accomplishment indeed, considering that I'm not even sure I remember the first seven by heart. (Something about work, pillars, quality and quantity... umm... death, hardship, generosity... darn it, I almost got it!)

Rule 8 is:

Immerse yourself in things that speak to your soul.

"Things speaking to your soul" are things that, well, strike a chord somewhere deep within. (What a clear definition.) It could be an activity or occupation, just as well as it could be an environment or an aesthetic.

I've noticed that the older I get, the more I recognize these things. For example, I could never really choose one architectural style that I wanted my future house to be, until a couple of years back I stumbled upon the Gothic style and it really swept me away. I don't think I'll ever change my mind about this. I just adore these moody, dark castles made of stone and dark wood details.

Another thing that always speaks to my soul is autumn weather: wind, rain, dark, and cool temperatures. I aim to stay indoors through the summer and go out for walks as much as I can in the fall. It revitalizes my spirit whenever I embrace this weird calling to the storm. (I'm such a Slytherin.)

I also love swimming - immersing myself in a large body of natural water has such a calming effect.

And, of course, writing stories has rung bells in my soul since I was young.

Whenever I've tried to turn my back to these soul-speaking things, my mental health and the quality of my life have suffered greatly... and since there's no downside to immersing yourself in them, the upside is obvious and uncontested.