Goal listing || Morning routines to reach any goal

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Mourning routines to reach any goal series continues with part 2. Be sure to check part 1 as well. Today we're talking about life goals, and what specifically you should do to reach those life goals.

This is a tip from Grant Cardone, an entrepreneur and business mogul I've mentioned a few times both here on the site and on WIP's YouTube Channel. Cardone has claimed to do this himself. The routine: write down the things you want to achieve, short term or long term, by hand, on paper, after you wake up.

Combined with yesterday's routine it goes like this: wake up early, grab that cup of coffee, and write down in a special notebook what you want to achieve in life while sipping your chosen beverage.

The goals you write down can be as large (even megalomaniac) as you like - the bigger you dream, the harder you'll work, and the greater your life will be. Cardone himself encourages his readers to 10X their goals in his aptly named book, The 10X Rule. Personally, though, I think you can write down small, short term goals as well - little things you can do as soon as today, prompting you to do it right away, and finally, giving you that rush of reaching a goal. A good balance between big and small goals will give you the best of both worlds: a winning mentality on a saily basis, and an ambition to aim and hit higher than you thought possible.

Your goals may vary from day to day - that's completely fine. Some days you feel like doing a detox, and on some days not. Some days sailing over the Atlantic will feel more important than amassing a huge fortune. You'll see, in time, that some goals stick, and some were just passing trends.

Writing down your goals initializes your mind so that you'll see new opportunities and feel readier to face the challenges during your day. You'll start to work towards your goals, even if you're not realizing it. Your subconscious will think about the list constantly, pushing you towards the right direction.

As long as you keep listing your goals consistently on a daily basis as a part of your morning routine, for long enough a period of time, it'll have a great impact on your life. Just wait and see.