5 undeniably life-saving skin care products | Week of lists

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Week of lists series wraps up with 5 undeniably life-saving skin care products. Most of these come in handy when dealing with a dry winter skin, so if you're blessed with a naturally hydrated skin, you may not need any of the items on this list. But if you're like me and you feel like your face is falling off in the winter, get ready to turn the ship around big time!

1. Hydrating face cream.
This is an absolute must for me. Without a proper hydrating cream in the morning, my cheeks will become flaky within minutes of washing my face. It's also impossible to put on make-up without a cream under it. A good hydrating face cream of your choice, applied generously, saves you a lot of trouble.

2. Lip balm.
This might be an even worse problem for me than a dry skin - I feel like my lips are just peeling off during the winter. I carry a lip balm stick everywhere I go and apply it several times a day, whenever I notice my lips are drying up. Two handy hacks: use tinted lip balm to highlight your lips during the day, and spread a thick layer of rich skin cream on your lips before you go to bed in the night for soft lips in the morning.

3. Hydrating hair product.
I get static hair in the winter, and it's a real pain in the butt. Touch your hair? It becomes static. Take off your winter beanie when stepping inside? Static. The phenomenon is due to dry air that dries the hair, so the solution is to treat your hair with a hydrating product. Wash-off hydrating hair masks are good, and you can carry a hydrating spray (and/or hairspray) in your bag to fix the beanie problem as needed.

4. Coconut oil.
Coconut oil is a true jack of all trades. You can rub it in your scalp to reduce dryness and itching; you can apply it on your face to hydrate it; and you can eat it. Consuming coconut oil strengthens your nails and hair and hydrates your skin from the inside.

5. Diet choices.
Not a product, but an important hack in skin care. This varies from individual to individual, but I've noticed with myself that removing dairy and beef from my diet helps with skin problems, mainly redness and spots on the face. I've also heard that sugar can cause skin problems. You can find out if something you eat affects your skin by eliminating different foods from your diet one by one and seeing if your skin reacts to their absence in the next week or so.

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