Checking your frog list || Morning routines to reach any goal

. 1 min read

Morning routines to reach any goal article series wraps up with routine number 7! Last but not least, this article is crucial for getting things done effectively. After all, if you're not getting things done (effectively), where can you hope to end up in life?

So, after you've woken up at your chosen early time, exercised, taken a cold chower, had a cup of coffee, listed your goals in life, done or resolved to do something scary, and you're ready to start your first time block of the day doing your most important thing, it's time for one more routine.

You see, while doing your one thing in the first time block is, of course, massively important, you shouldn't stop there. Why not try to get other important stuff as well - after all, those four hours of your one thing time block later, most of the day is still ahead!

So, check your frog list. You can do this while sipping your morning beverage - or if that makes you distracted during your one thing time block, then by all means check the list after the first time block. The key is to keep it at hand, so that whenever you feel like you have a little extra time or don't know what to do or feel bored, you can consult the list and get productive. When you finish an item on the list, strike it out. You'll get an intensive rush of good feeling not only when you see that task being striked out, but also when you get to do the act of striking it out.

You'll get addicted to that feeling, and it's a good addiction for once. Soon enough you'll be operating at an insane level of task-finishing, and your dreams are coming closer by the hour.