WIP's Guide to Stockholm

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WIP's travel guide series get wrapped up for now with a guide to Stockholm. I know, the city sounds a little horror-ish with a hostage syndrome named after it and all. But since the it's the capital of freaking Sweden, the golden land of Ikea and H&M and whatnot, it can't be that bad! (Can it?)

How to rock it in Stockholm, Sweden

1. Transport
Stockholm has an airport and a harbor and some roads so there are plenty of ways to get there. Once there, get a public transport card and use the subway, it's hands down the most convenient way to move around. (But once you emerge from underground in the old town, continue on foot, it's worth it.)

2. Hotel
I have a confession to make: I don't remember even spending a night in a hotel in Stockholm. But I assume - assume! - that there are plenty of decent ones, especially near the old town harbor. Someone please correct me.

3. What to see
I recommend the old town (not surprisingly) for the little alleys and the stone streets and the architecture and a store for nerds where I got my Marauder's Map. There's also an amusement park. Walking by the sea in the harbor in general is also magical; if it sounds romantic, it's because it is, so bring someone special.

4. What to eat
Sweden is the homeland of a cafe franchise called Espresso House, and there are Espresso Houses everywhere in Stockholm - it's like Starbucks in Manhattan - wherever you look, you can see at least one cafe sign, and the nearest one is probably five to ten meters away. The coffee is strong, and the baked goods decadent. Eat and drink all your meals and beverages at Espresso Houses. (See if you can visit all of them.)

5. Miscellaneous
Swedes are helpful folk, and will talk excellent English if you do. But beware: if you attempt to speak Swedish to them, they'll probably assume you can speak it fluently, and will talk very fast and with a dialect back to you. So try to speak Swedish if you can, but memorize how to say "slower, please" (långsamt, varsågod) before you do it.

Seven cities, seven places on Earth, each weirder than the next, one clearly superior with respect to the others! Hopefully you got some ideas for your next trip. Next week well continue with other matters, but here, once more, links to all of WIP travel guides of this week:

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